Ibadah Friendly Hospital

What is IFH | HMI : Ibadah Friendly Hospital | Hospital Mesra Ibadah

Ibadah Friendly Hospital (IFH) or in Bahasa Malaysia: Hospital Mesra Ibadah (HMI) is a concept used in hospital management to achieve excellence and identity values in Al-Islam employees, and to focus on the well-being of the customers through the application and appreciation of the current and after treatment. The Ibadah Hospital aims to provide awareness through patient and family education to keep close with Allah S.W.T. The management provided a high commitment in creating such awareness and actively facilitating religious service.

Ibadah Friendly Hospital : Ziarah Service

As a hospital that respects Islamic values, the management provides religious officers to guide and help the patients. They will routinely visit patients daily to guide patients perform their prayers and provide training and guidance to Al-Islam's workforce. Patients in Al-Islam will be assisted and guided by an ustaz for male patients and an ustazah for female patients to work in hospitals in parallel with the concept of Al-Islam Specialist Hospital, which is Ibadah Friendly (IFH).

Ibadah Friendly Hospital : Facilities

Basic facilities for performing prayer such as direction of qibla, prayer veil, sajadah, water spray and tayamum dust are also provided. Qur'an, dhikir and doa reciting that adds a sense of tadabbur to Allah SWT are also available to patients and visitors. Television broadcast are also equipped with religious content. Friendly Tv broadcasts fully organized by AL-Islam by displaying plans such as religious lectures, prayer guides for patients and more to help patients approach Allah SWT. The calmness of the Qur'an verses, the recitation of the dhikir and the prayers that are heard all the time to create a calm atmosphere in the hospital, in addition to one of the ways of spiritual therapy.

Ibadah Friendly Hospital : Patient Care

As a sign of our concern in upholding the values of Islamic teachings, Al-Islam's seeks to safeguard the patient's care in the aspect of care. We provide:

  • Maternity apparel that covers the aurah
  • Female Gynecologist